Bamboo and Stone School

Government of Nepal is building 50,000 classrooms all over the country. Although the intention is good, they are putting very uninspiring, cookie cutter design, concrete schools; whether they are in the mountains or the plains. These schools perform very poorly in extreme weathers, upto a point that they are are closed if its rains hard or if it is too hot or cold. Moreover, the construction doesn’t benefit the local economy. We are trying to prove that there is an alternative. With the use of local materials we can not only construct inspiring modern classrooms that are climate and environment sensitive but we can also empower local communities to build their own structures at an affordable cost. We are proud to work with our partner Learning Planet in construction of this model school in a remote village of Gorkha. Apart from this amazing architecture, the school has pico hydro and photovoltaic cells for electricity, wifi connection, clean drinking water, modern bamboo furnitures and toys.

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