Upcoming Projects


Bamboo Workshop
March 2018

We're planning a Bamboom! workshop for professionals and beginners.Stay tuned to learn more!

village of the future

What started out as an initiation of a steady supply chain,working alongside farming communities, turned into a landscape reclamation project and now we have big plans to create a Bamboo Village of the future,right here,where it all began!

concept tea room

We've been so inspired by some of our friends and partners working with organic products and ethically created sustainable goodies that we decided to have a new age cafe/co-working space with a twist!

Stay tuned to know more!


Stay with us

Seeing is believing. You can come and stay in the spaces we've designed set amidst carefully tended permaculture farms, to live the whole experience!

Being an environmentally committed research, design and construction firm that examines, encourages, and celebrates the vernacular architectural tradition of Nepal, we want to encourage people to experience this unique blend in person

Dhulikhel Learning Centre

Our Home with a {Himalayan} view

In the temperate hills of Dhulikhel, we have established a learning centre using traditional building techniques like rammed earth and bamboo, where we host ,train and have creative workshops. Our Dhulikhel farm, 'Vatika' has over 50 fruit trees, Himalayan medicinal herbs, indigenous superfoods like quinoa, chia, flax, amaranth among everything else that's seasonal, local and grown 100% organic. It is and also home to our cows, goats, chicken, swallows and Himalayan bees.

Chitwan Bamboo Forest

Our tropical getaway amidst {bamboo} forest

We have created our own supply chain for bamboo by working with more than 200 farmers in the tropical plains of Chitwan. We are creating a bamboo corridor by planting thousands along the receding banks of their land which lies along River Ruee. This not only provides a sustainable means to reclaim their land but also boosts the local economy. In the same corridor, in a 2 hectare property, we have established a holistic learning centre, which we call VinuBan (which translates to bamboo forest) in recognition to 25 species of bamboo that we have planted. We’ve also planted more than 100 varieties of tropical plants, created water retention ponds, bamboo water tanks and set up a seed bank for tropical fauna. Parallelly, we have created a retreat centre made with bamboo and earth as a demonstration of the strength and beauty of natural materials.


Our Schools

Built as a critic to the existing Schools, these are low cost, thermally comfortable, .


Explore Our Farms

We are creating two lush food forest. One in Dhulikhel, in the mountains overlooking the Himalayas and second in Madi in a tropical forest.


Handmade Furniture

Made with 100% organic materials using traditional crafts, our furniture is good for the ecology,the people and for the planet!


Reserve Your Adventure

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