Kulay Site Visit

ABARI assisted the villagers of Kulay to lay out the first 5 of 55 homes slated to be built in the coming months.  Many of the villagers have experience in the construction field so the process went rather smoothly. Just like most things in the village, everyone came out to see the process and everyone contributed!

Before the layout process can start, the stone homes that fell need to be cleared away.  Though most of the new homes will be built from Compressed Earth Block, some homes already possessing a good stock will be rebuilt in stone. The threat and fear of earthquakes is still strong in the village so it will be important for Abari to demonstrate that the new building processes for stone will make the houses strong enough to withstand any further natural disasters.    

We believe owner driven reconstruction is the ideal way to go about the rebuilding of Nepal.  These initial homes were chosen amongst the villagers and they will serve as a precedent for how the rest of the village will be constructed.  Abari and team will be an active part of the process in order to set the standard for construction.  We will hold workshops on compressed earth block making, truss making, and many other earthquake resilient practices.  Stay tuned for further developments on Kulay’s reconstruction!     

Text and Photos : Noreen Shinohara