Hemendra Residence

Budhanilkantha, Nepal
Oct 2007- 2009

Background: Hemendra Bohora, an environmental engineer by training, is the first person to attempt to build a rammed earth house in Kathmandu. He had many queries in mind on whether if he would have to maintain his house everyday, weather an earth quake will shake his house etc. The queries lead to curiosity and then to research. The house built designed by Ar. Prabal Thapa and constructed by the builder himself can be considered a tipping point in natural building in Kathmandu. We have been consulting for many earth and bamboo buildings around the world but most of them are non-governmental organizations. The fact that this house is built on an initiative of a private client gives us lot of confidence that there is a market for sustainable building in Nepal. Our earth expert, Sulava Piya, who had trained with Martin Rauch provided technical inputs on the aspects of the construction. Another important aspect of the building is that a network of artisans were trained during the process. The house uses reinforced concrete for foundation, unstabilized rammed earth for the walls and floor and bamboo for the roof trusses.