Mud Spa at The Dwarikas Hotel

Natural materials  have started to come back with as a modern construction material. Some do it for aesthetic reasons and some  being truly environmentally conscious. Whatever the reason be, we are happy that earth and bamboo is getting back its lost dignity are getting popular both in high end and middle class society. Hotels, resorts and spas are incorporating these materials to give authentic Nepali ambience to their guests who come here in search of solitude to retire from their crowded and concrete lifestyle. Abari’s effort to promote these materials has reached to a new level of achievement. We are now rendering mud in 10 spa buildings  at The Dwarikas , one of the best and most expensive hotels of Nepal.  The total area of the spa is 9368 sq ft. The Dwarikas is opening its spa botique resort in Dhulikhel about 25 kms East from Kathmandu.  The major structures are made out of environmentally friendly materials like stone, lime, mud and bamboo and has tried to reuse other materials like wood, slate and bricks wherever possible. Our wish is to make these materials popular and affordable at household levels and not just limit it  to hotels and resorts.