Earth Plaster

It is believed that one needs at least 1/2 inch of earth plaster  in order to reap its health benefit. There are economic, health and ecological benefits of earth plaster, but many urban people are also seeking earth for sake of aesthetics. Mountain soil, especially from base of the mountains are known to have perfect soil for earth architecture as they have good mix of clay, sand and gravels. Kathmandu valley due to rich terrain has many different kinds of soil and thus rich culture of earth structures. Uniquely enough, due to its soil type, adobe structure is only confined to the valley and its immediate proximity. Kathmandu, further over, was also a melting pot of different ancient cultures, thus it also is a repertoire of many different plastering techniques including lime plaster mixed with red brick powder brought by Ranas from Europe and lieun- a technique of plaster created by fermenting rice husk.

Here is one of our ongoing projects in an upscale restaurant in Kathmandu, where we are integrating modern and ancient knowledge to make beautiful earth render. We also believe it is necessary to teach youths the techniques thus we have invited some young volunteers for the project. Please email us if you are interested to join.