Bamboo Plantation

Secret of good bamboo structure is supply of good bamboo. Over the years in many countries we have worked with many different species of bamboo, and the joy in construction of bamboo comes when bamboo is off good quality- straight, thick wall thickness, smaller internodes. Not all bamboo is as strong as steel and not all bamboo is good for construction. Yet every bamboo can be harnessed in different ways to serve our needs in sustainable ways. Bamboo which are not good for construction, might be good for weaving, eating or to make bamboo flute. Over the years we have collected many species of bamboo including blue bamboo, black bamboo, creeper bamboo, bamboo of the americas in our nursery. Now we are taking a next step to do commercial plantation. This we are not doing as a private entrepreneur, we have teamed up with a community who will plant bamboo along river bed so their land is protected against flood and also they will have extra source of income. We will help them add value to their bamboo by making bamboo based products. As an experiment we are planting 400 bamboo of bambusa balcooa, bambusa nutan and dendrocalamus asper.

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