Abari in Germany

Welcome back!

Its been months since we have updated you. Not that we have abandoned our pursuit to spread the glory of mud and bamboo, its just that we have too busy expanding our resources. In our latest repertoire of natural materials we have added 17th century wood construction tecnique from Germany! Our Abarian Sulava Piya recently got back from Germany after a three month long restoration of a 17th century museum in Schliersee, Germay led by legendary skier/restorer Markus Wasmeir and his carpenters team. She was funded by Dekeyser and Friends Foundation.

The restoration primarily used the techniques and tools from the 17th century like wooden nails, dove tail joints, hanging floors, moss mortar, wooden shingels held with stones. Here are some of the pictures of the restoration. Please note the foundation techniques, where they used huge boulders that were just placed on the ground.