Abari with Care Nepal

Happy May Day. 

We are all with the labors of the world. Abari believe there is lots of exploitation in the world, and we need to play our part to fight it. We areshowing by doing, even as a private organization we believe in no hierarchy between workers. Hami sabai eautai pokhari ka macha haun.


Abari is heading high. We are starting work in Janakpur next week. We are building a training hall, reception and a cantina. We are working with a progressive danish permaculture friends from CareNepal. This is a unique project, aimed to glorify bamboo as a building material. When this projects gets realized, it would set a beautiful example not just to the people of Harsar, but also to the world. We will upload the design pictures soon for people who are interested. Or you can contact Abari for more information at 4434086.


 (Right) A picture taken by Shishir of Nripal climbing a bamboo tree in Janakpur.