FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about the ABARI Volunteer Initiative  

Are there upcoming trips?

We had our first volunteer program in November 2015. The monsoon hits Nepal in June, July & August so with closed roads and a high risk of landslides, it's not an ideal time to visit or build homes. We have upcoming builds in January, February and March of 2016. However, please still contact us and we can try to find dates that work for you! 

Are there trips next year?

Yes! We are committed to reconstruction in the long-term and we hope you will join us. Check out abari.org for more information or write us at volunteer@abari.org  

Do I have to do the whole 10 days?

We recommend it, but we'll work one on one with each of you amazing volunteers to make sure you've got a plan and a schedule that works.

How much money do I have to raise?

We ask each 10 day volunteer to contribute at least $750. In exchange for your contribution, we will take care of your food, accommodation and transportation. We will also invest $150 from your contribution directly into the community. But don't stop there! The more funds you raise, the more materials and supplies you can purchase towards projects in the community. The sky's the limit!  

Should I share with my college/ university/ work colleagues?

Yes! Feel free to spread the word—the more, the merrier! Each volunteer is welcome to come alone, with a friend, or organize a group!  

Do you have information I can share with my college or employer?

I'd like to spread the word. Yes! We would appreciate your help! Just write us at volunteer@abari.org and we can send you information, images, or flyers to print and share.

 Should I bring a tent?

We will provide accommodation (a fancy word for tents) but you are also welcome to bring your own tent and gear. We'll share a detailed packing list with you when you're ready to start packing for your trip to Nepal. Sleeping bag? Yes! Bikini? No.  

Clean food and water?

Absolutely! Plenty of healthy, simple vegetarian food- cooked hot and fresh for 3x/day and all of the potable water you need, too. We won't make you sip puddle water through a straw. We’ll take care of you, but be ready to work hard!  

Which village?

ABARI is working on two model villages in Kulay, Nuwakot and Timal, Kavrepalanchowk.  In Nuwakot, we are building 5 model houses with Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB) and Stone Masonry, and in Timal, Kavrepalanchowk, an eight classroom school and one model house built with CEB, Stone Masonry and Rammed Earth. We are also co-sponsoring and constructing a rammed earth house for Sanu Maya Tamang, a single mother with two children. The rammed earth structure being built for Sanu Maya Tamang in Bhattedanda, Dhulikhel, Kavrepalanchok is the first permanent house of its kind, designed and built post disaster. The house is strategically designed with respect to the topography of the site.  


We've got you covered. No camel caravans, unfortunately, but we will drive you to and fro from our ABARI office in Kathmandu to our build site.  

Tax deductible?

Since we are registered as a non- profit only in Nepal, we will not be able to provide a tax deductible receipt.  

Minors? Age limit?

We ask all solo participants to wait until they turn 18 to join us (we do birthday parties upon request), but youngins are more than welcome if they bring a legal guardian. Families are welcome, too!  

When should I book my plane ticket?

As soon as possible to scoop up the cheapest ticket. Please make sure you depart early enough to reach KTM on the day before you are scheduled to meet at the ABARI office. Please confirm your itinerary with our Volunteer Management team before making a purchase.  

Do I need to raise money by a certain date?

We ask that all donations be on ABARI Foundation’s bank account a week before you arrive in Kathmandu. That way, we can prepare for your arrival by purchasing and transporting supplies to the work site and food to feed your bellies! We will send you the bank details via email.

 Do I need to bring my own tools?

No, just your hardworking hands and a smile, but any tools you want to bring are also welcome. Some tools, like rechargeable power tools, are hard to get in Nepal and would be really useful. If you'd like, check with the Volunteer Management Team to see what's most needed.

 Do you need to know about my construction experience?

Whatever your experiences may be, we are over the moon happy for you join us in Nepal. We will work alongside local skilled laborers in the village, but it helps us to plan the build if you share any relevant skills and experiences beforehand. Speak Nepali? Love working with kids? Know how to ram earth or weave bamboo? Let us know!  

How do I confirm my registration?

As soon as you fill out a form on the abari.org website, we will get in touch with you to discuss your plans and answer your questions. Then, we'll help you make your plan for the trip.

 What if I cancel last minute?

Well, we sure hope you don't have to, but if something comes up, we're here to help you. Ideally, we find a time for you to reschedule your trip. Often we have already spent funds to prepare for a trip so refunding your donations creates a challenge for our community work. However, in some circumstances, with enough advance notice, we are able to refund your contribution. As always, just ask!

 What is the weather like in Nepal? Will it be too cold to camp outside?

Weather varies across the different altitudes of Nepal, but around the Kathmandu Valley we expect clear, sunny skies and daytime temperatures of about 18°C and cooler evenings of about 7°C in winter and 20° – 32° C in the summer. We will send you a packing list for all necessary gears and essentials.