Bamboo Water Tank

                                                        Abari - Water Tank

Chitwan, Nepal and Tikur Inchini, Ethiopia
Oct 2012- 2013

Background: In July 2012, the Canadian Federal Department of Environment awarded INBAR a new project working with communities in Ethiopia and Nepal to develop new technologies for storing, transporting, and fitering water resources. The project aims to scale up the use of local resources, such as bamboo, gravel and sand to alleviate the pressures caused by erratic rainfall patterns, which are under threat of further exacerbation by climate change.

Improving on the bamboo water tank technology that were adopted in South Asia in the 1970s INBAR in collaboration with ABARI, developed 5000 liter tank that uses local bamboo resources. The process uses flatten bamboo boards coated with water repelling agents instead of traditional woven strips. The process not only makes it easier to build a tank but also makes it stronger.