Yurt Classroom

Abari - Durbar High School                                                                           Photo Credit: Mithila .j. Photography

Yurts have been used for thousand years, in Mongolia & Tibet as permanent structures. They are aerodynamic, light weight, and comfortable in the most adverse weather conditions. They are being locally produced, in Nepal, using bamboo and imported canvas.

Due to the harsh weather and inaccessibility in the Himalayan Region in Northern Gorkha, we have already been asked to make yurts for community halls, schools, health posts and monasteries. We have a large production team in place (65 men) to rapidly produce them.

Key Benefits:

  • Child friendly, 100 % earthquake safe, thermally comfortable and fun to be inside.
  • Extremely rapid to deploy. Low cost per sq foot. Ultra Long life.
  • Almost zero resource use. Structure prefabricated. Base from salvaged masonry.
  • 22’ diameter – perfect for classrooms and community spaces.
  • Thermally comfortable and adaptable in day/eve summer/winter as temperature changes.
  • Sufficient artificial light when entirely closed during rain.
  • Can be easily moved, economically stored, and re-used by schools as community spaces, living spaces, or shelters.
  • UN Specified UV reflective 100% waterproof heat treated white cotton canvas.
  • Unrippable. Storm specification – WARP 2235/N Weft 1952N IS 1969:1985.
  • Guaranteed for 24 months.