Bouncing back to schools- Kids in Nepal start school today!

The most difficult aspect of rebuilding normalcy into the Nepali student itinerary has been the lack of schools around the nation. We are very happy to announce that our Temporary Learning Centers in the Gorkha District are operational! As we all strive to rebuild and return to life after the earthquake, this project is a huge step in the direction of supporting students to get back in school.

After 37 days of being home, the children of Gorkha have finally made it to their schools today. The warm smiles spread across their faces on meeting their friends after so long and clutching tight to their notebooks was the thing that we were anticipating to see. While the classes resume in Gorkha, the process of building Temporary Learning Center in Kathmandu continues.

Thank you to all our donors and staff members that have been working tirelessly to make this dream a reality in Gorkha! A total number of 80 schools have been built so far while more are being built as you are reading this!