Canvas Classroom

Abari - Durbar HIgh School                                              Photo Credit : Mithila .j.Photography

Yurts have been used for thousand years, in Mongolia & Tibet as permanent structures. They are aerodynamic, light weight, and comfortable in the most adverse weather conditions. They are being locally produced, in Nepal, using bamboo and imported canvas.
Due to the harsh weather and inaccessibility in the Himalayan Region in Northern Gorkha, we have already been asked to make yurts for community halls, schools, health posts and monasteries. We have a large production team in place (65 men) to rapidly produce them.

Benefits of Yurts

  • Uses local resources

  •  Resistant against- wind and earthquake

  •  Multipurpose, Can be of various sizes

  •  Uses water proof canvas- therefore does not get cold

  •   Establishing an enterprise to build yurts

Process Chain for Building Yurts:

Generating Bamboo Strips

•Training Villagers on how to work with bamboo and available resources

Processing Bamboo

•Women carpenters help us in processing the bamboo in the transitional space


•Hire local to install these yurts.