Skilled mason trainings

Starting5th of September 2016, ABARI Foundation in collaboration with Architecture San Frontiers and Habitat for Humanity Nepal conducted a seven day mason training certified by Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC), Government of Nepal. This training is based on DUDBC curriculum guidelines on how to build earthquake resilient structures and is part of the Nepal Earthquake Assistance Program implemented by ABARI Foundation, Architecture San Frontiers Nepal and Habitat for Humanity Nepal  in five wards of Pachkhal, Kavrepalanchowk.

The 30 trainees were selected through prior selection tests organised in the Housing Support Service Center (HSSC) in Tamaghat, Pachkhal. The HSSC is a technical and non-financial support service center initiated to assist community members to rebuild their homes through the concept of Owner Driven Reconstruction (ODR) approach.

After the training, the certified masons will be able to immediately assist homeowners to start the reconstruction once the government initiates the grant disbursement process.

The HSSC also organized many more such certified mason training for 30 trainees in the weeks that followed.


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