Everybody deserves to live in dignity. And no one deserves poverty.

Abari tries tohelp people who dont have the financial or technical means to build a decent house. Our idea is not to enforce an idealized version of what is "sanitary" and a "modern" house, like the fact that every house should have a western style bathroom, kitchen or a living room. Our model is developed based on a careful study of the vernacular tradition of Nepal and we would like to help people build a house which would include the following elements:

  1. Thermal Comfort provided by thick adobe walls on the east, west and south and insulated with bamboos on the north. 
  2. Strong seismic-resistance using bamboo reinforcement.  
  3. Zero Energy. Energy provided by photo-voltaic cells or wind turbine.
  4. Access to clean water.
  5. Rain water storage.
  6. A kitchen garden organically designed so that it can provide enough fresh fruits and vegetables to the dwellers.
  7. A small side business in the housing premise like bee-keeping, fish pond, fruit trees, poultry or cattle.
  8. A natural storage system for the food.
  9. Weaving, pottery or bamboo and adobe construction skills to the dwellers to generate extra income.
  10. Compost Toilet and a biogas plant.
  11. Access to education for the children.

Abari Team provides technical and financial help to the people who do not have the financial means to realize the above dream. We provide technical helps to build a house, teach them skills so that they can generate income, and give out loans so that they can start a small business. The money they pay us back, goes on towards helping more people.

We have not approached big organizations for help, because we want to make this a personal thing. We depend on people like you. We have focused ourselves on marginalized communities like the homeless, street kids, sex workers and mostly the war displaced people. We can't help them alone, we need help from people like you.

Here is how you can help:

You can finance a weaving, pottery or bamboo and adobe construction course with which they can start a new life. Abari team will teach the skills, bring qualified teachers from abroad,  as well as help them market their products. With the money they earn, they can perhaps send their kids to school, change the roof of their house, add a beehive etc..As a token of appreciation you will receive a product made by the individual you sponsored.

Or you can help a family start a small business like coffee plantation, bee keeping, fish farm or fruit plantation.

With the help of about 200$ or more, you can indeed help someone start a new life. Please donate us using PayPal . You can pay in installments, or if the above amount is too much, contribute whaver you can. Every little help counts.

Please also tell us what you think about our program. You can volunteer with us, send good wishes or even come and live with us for a while.

Thanking you, Abari Family


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