As we sat discussing our next plans, owner of the tea shop where we were comes to me and says “Bahini , did you know that there is a woman who just gave birth to a child the day of the earthquake? We have tried to help as much as we can I think she needs more” We were touched by how people were willing to help each other even though they have lost everything themselves.

Abari Initiative - Dhawa

When we reached, a young woman, Rita, mother to 4 children, smiled and offered us to sit. We asked how she was doing,

Rita: I went to health post yesterday, it is all destroyed. I gave birth on the road while heading back home. I am lucky that my baby is fine.I asked if she needed anything. She had literally nothing other than a piece of old torn bed sheet that she used as blanket. But she is still reluctant and humble to ask for anything.
Rita: I have this old blanket
Our Team: Do you have food to eat.
Woman: (smiles, looks around the bare field) I manage.
Our salute to her humility.
This not only story of us reaching out to people, this is story of brave people embracing the pain and willing to move on. This is story of people who put others before themselves.
In rescuing others we rescue ourselves.
It is an honor to be rebuilding villages and we express heartfelt thanks to Avaaz.org and all our generous friends, the awesome team of Believers and ABARI family across the globe.

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