Company Overview

ABARI is a socially and environmentally committed research, design and construction firm that examines, encourages, and celebrates the vernacular architectural tradition of Nepal. As Nepal poses sophisticated traditional knowledge of natural materials like adobes, bamboos, stones and reed, ABARI as a research and design firm tries to promulgate these materials into contemporary design practices.


Instigated by environmental consciousness, health, aesthetic and economic reasons that people are showing a reinvigorated interest to go back to natural building materials like earth,wood,stone and bamboo. We are seeing a modest institutionalized effort to rediscover traditional natural materials so that they can be re-appropriated to cater to the modern requirements in Nepal.

Mission statement

Building inspiring spaces using local resources that are earthquake resistant, healthy, energy efficient and a modern sustainable alternative to conventional building practices.In these times when consumerism is at its peak,one chooses things for being cheap and durable - and also for the lack of an alternative!
Our aim is to connect consumers to hand crafted, natural,non toxic products and spaces, sourced ethically. We're proud to say we've been able to establish some techniques in construction and some bamboo products which have supported very talented craftsmen, helping them stay on,in their own turf and keep an ancient tradition alive!  

Goals and Objective

  • Design and construct sustainable structures using traditional material like earth and bamboo which are sensitive to the environmental, social, cultural and topographic conditions of the area.
  • Rescue,reinvent and redesign the approach to building with traditional materials so that they can cater to the modern sensibility.
  • Incorporating ecological values as a holistic approach to creating a space ; by adding value like harnessing solar energy for heating water or the room itself and using household waste for bio-gas energy.
  • Design structures that can effectively resist earthquake and flooding, always in reverence of the landscape and prevalent local traditions.
  • Train and empower people in bamboo identification and treatment, proper storage, joints and connections,manufacturing earth bricks, stabilizing traditional plasters with lime and other specialized construction methods.


Since Abari is a research and design firm, it has developed different construction techniques that are unique to the Nepali conditions. Our presence of from the design to the construction phase ensures a holistic approach to creating a sustainable space relevant to the context.

Post - Earthquake Scenario : Given the high number homes that needed to be rebuilt and the scattered nature of earthquake-affected settlements, ABARI promoted a decentralized ODR approach. Owner Driven Reconstruction (ODR) is identified as a dignified approach encouraging individual homeowners to implement safe building design and construction in natural disaster affected areas.


  • Bamboo Water Tanks – Transferred to Ethiopia, Rwanda, Nepal
  • Bamboo Treatment Machine- Transferred to Fiji, India, Ethiopia, Bhutan, Nepal, USA
  •  Bamboo portable testing machine- Ongoing

Clients in the past

  • Government of Nepal
  • Government of Bhutan
  • ActionAid
  • The World is my Country
  • Asia Foundation
  • Helvetas
  •  UNHCR
  • Care Nepal
  • WWF
  • Learning Planet
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Inbar
  • Indian Institute of Technology
  • Colorado State University
  • UNDP
  • Dekeyser & Friends Foundation
  • Madan Puraska Pustakalaya
  • Bodhi Hill
  • Laika Academy
  • Madan Puraskar Pustakalay
  • Karkhana

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